Haunted Hayride – Zombie Shoot

I was blown away last year from the support and hope hoping for it again this year!

Volunteering does not just mean getting shot, it can mean helping build or running the concessions stand.

It was so much fun walking into a hail of paintball fire with you guys last year and this year we are making it less painful with the introduction of 50 cal paintball!

We will again lower the fps to minimal speeds but this 50 cal paint impressed me with its brittle shell and low impact.

Please see the video for our pain test:


We are offering a 4 month membership for 8 hours (to commence on the helpers choosing) of help and then 500 paintballs for every two hours after that.

Face masks and neck armor included but volunteers are encouraged to make armor and most importantly bring gloves.

CLICK HERE to register on our Facebook Group page.