Can I book a private game?

Private games can be booked with a minimum of 15 players, at least one week in advance and cost an additional $100 for the entire group. Private games for Saturday and Sunday are 9am-11am with open play after IF THERE ARE SUFFICIENT SURPLUS MARKERS/GUNS. Games are played rain or shine. Private game time slots for Mon-Fri are negotiable. Once players have been paid into your game you cannot reduce those numbers for any reason. No credit, refund, exchange, or other compensation will be paid for persons not present at the date and time of the private game unless rescheduled 7 days in advance. All additional players added to a Private Games will incur a $15 per player Fee in order to join your party – non-negotiable. No compensation or additional time available for games arriving late. Cancellation / Rescheduling policy: Once a private game has been paid for it cannot be cancelled for any reason. However, you are able to reschedule the outing to a future date. You have up until 1 calendar year to select a new play date. If we receive more than 3 days’ notice = $50 fee; With less than 3 days’ notice = $100 flat fee.”

Can I bring a camera?

Absolutely, but at your own risk. Paintballs can damage the delicate electronics of a camera so it is recommended to use rugged sport cameras or helmet cameras. Please tag all public pictures and videos with Maui Paintballs Facebook and or youtube page.

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Can I come alone?

 Yes, paintball is a wonderful way to make friends. Come on your own and join open play games, form group with like-minded tacticians, or go out as a lone wolf and have a great time.

Does it Hurt?

Paintballs can sting but the pain is momentary and adds excitement to the experience, it feels like being snapped with a rubber band. Low quality paint can hurt considerably more but Maui Paintball does not allow low quality or “soft” paintballs at its field. Believe it or not, soft paintballs hurt more because they tend not to break on impact, and instead focus their energy on a single point. “Hard” paintballs are brittle so they tend to break on contact, spreading their energy over a larger area, minimizing the sting. Maui Paintball only offers high quality, brittle paintballs.

All rental packages come with a marker, protective mask, 200 round gravity fed hopper, 48ci 3000psi tank, and 200 round ball hauler. Girls get an additional chest protector for free.

 Additional equipment includes:

Upgraded Electro-pneumatic vibe/envy marker for $5

(capable of firing 11 balls per second)

 disposable camo coveralls for $5

 Chest protector (free for rentals) $5

Agitated Electric 9volt Hopper $5

What Are Your Hours of operation?

Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 5pm

Please join our facebook or check our calendar to learn about special events and themed games. We are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm rain or shine, as well as 7 days a week to private groups and special holidays. Please check our Facebook for special hours, field updates and events by going to Gates open at 11am so please arrive then..

How long does each game last and how many games will we play?

Each game usually lasts 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the game & the amount of players present. The amount of games is up to the group you are with, but we try to give you as many games possible. Turn around games will allow groups to play more games in a session rather than groups who take breaks after each game.

How Many Paintballs Will I Shoot?

The number of paintballs you use depends on the type of tactics you use. Those who hide and wait will typically shoot about 400 paintballs a day, those who are more aggressive shoot between 750-1000 paintballs. The average person shoots between 600-800 paintballs in a day.  Using the upgraded Electro-pneumatic gun can shoot as many as 2,000 or more in a day.

How Old Do I Have To Be?

You must be at least 10 years old to play paintball and have either the parent or guardian sign the participation agreement up to age 18. If the child is under 12 a parent or guardian must be present to monitor the child. If the child is 12 to 17 years of age the parent must either fill out the online participation agreement, print and sign the participation agreement and bring it to the field, or be present to sign the participation agreement at the field. Parents who would rather not have to sign a participation agreement every time their child comes to play can come to the field and sign a participation agreement in person and establish a range of dates for it to be valid (6 months maximum).

Is Paintball Safe?

Paintball is one of the safest sports as long as you follow the rules and play on a sanctioned field. In fact with just .45 injuries per 1000 participants, paintball is safer then golf, bowling, basketball and even fishing. Read more about how safe it is here (

What Should I Wear?

Bring loose well ventilated sports wear, while many fields suggest wearing hooded sweat shirts and pants Maui Paintball suggests cooler clothes. While jeans or pants are suggested, it is not advisable to wear warm clothes in Maui’s warm climate. Maui Paintball does offer CamAlls: a breathable, disposable painters suit that goes over your normal clothes for added protection and comfort; only $5. Close toed shoes or boots are required, it is not advisable to play paintball in slippers/flip flops.

Will it stain my clothes?

The paint used in our paintballs in non-toxic, non dyeing, food grade paint. The paint will not stain your clothes but you may receive stains from playing in the grass and dirt.

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What Are The Rules?

Here are a list of our Maui Paintball Field Rules

1) You MUST receive an orientation before you play

2) Forms must be signed for each day of play Except for those with membership (their signed forms are valid for their membership period.)

3) Approved goggles ON at ALL times while on the playing field and target range

4) Barrel Socks ON and Safety’s ON when not playing

5) No firing of guns in staging area (Even Just Air)

6) No over shooting of recreational players, if your opponent has more then three breaks then you are out too.

7) All markers must be Chronographed to under 280 FPS

8) No physical contact, arguing, profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct

9) No blind firing.  You must see your target to shoot

10) No shooting through cracks when directly under someone. From pointing straight up all shots must be taken at a 15 degree angle or greater.

11) Referees calls are FINAL and inarguable

12) Do NOT shoot the referees

13) Do NOT enter the playing field unless escorted by a referee

14) Do NOT climb under or over any railings. Do not climb any tree branches or obstacles. Use (Play around everything)

15) Maui Paintball is a Field Paint Only field.  NO OUTSIDE PAINT unless on rare “bring your own paint” events.

16) No refunds on paint purchases

17) We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

18) NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS allowed on the premises.  Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be ejected from the premises.

19) You are liable for your equipment; Personal & Rented (Keep an eye on it)

20) Anyone stealing or vandalizing this facility, or other players equipment will be prosecuted and permanently banned from the field

21) Before leaving the premises with your own gun, remove the air source from the marker, remove paint and secure it in a bag.

22) Players must check out at the end of the day, even if using all their own equipment

23) No firing of guns in the parking lot

24) No unauthorized equipment or potentially dangerous gear is allowed.  All firearms, knives, etc are prohibited.  Maui Paintball must approve all equipment used on the premises

25) Modifications are prohibited.  Players are not allowed to modify safety goggles, rental markers, bunkers, or any property on the premises.

26) In addition to wearing paintball approved goggles, players must cover their ears, nose, and mouth with something to prevent these vital areas from being directly shot while on field.

27) Report any infractions of these rules immediately to a referee or counter personnel

28) Disregard for any of the above rules will result in removal from the premises without refund

29) Any person who shoots from an off field vehicle will be permanently banned from the field as well as suffer the legal consequences.

30) Be safe and have fun!