1st two week session June 4th – June 15th 


2nd two week session June 18th – June 29th

Starting June 4th Maui Paintball will be teaching two, two week long Summer Camps that start at 9:00am and go till 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Role will be taken every day at 9:30am and parents will be called for all unexcused absences only if they request it. Parents are allowed, but not required, to participate for free in any of the classes. Each two week session will cost $50 which includes the equipment to play but only 30 sets of equipment will be available so be sure to book asap. Camp members receive a $10 per case discount making it $65 per 2000 paintballs. Students using our equipment should expect to shoot 1-3 cases of paint per week depending on their shooting habits, conservation methods will be taught. Students play for free during the weekend (weekend participation not required). Three days a week students will receive off field curriculum that will cover safety, marker types, maintenance, equipment application, game types, competitive play, posture, angles, communication, health and tactics. Every day students will apply the lessons that they learn to play the game of paintball better and to be ambassadors of paintball.

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